FITA Awards

The FITA beginner awards are ideal for introducing candidates to archery at an entry level, offering badges and certificates at an achievable standard for 10 year olds and above.

Evaluation Principle

To get any of these awards, the novice would have to reach a minimum level of:


The performance of the beginners is evaluated at reduced shooting distances and number of shots.

Reduced Distances for obvious reasons. Novices start shooting at short distances for safety purpose, because they use light bows and for giving them a chance to get a decent level of accuracy.

Over a reduced number of arrows to fit the available time allocated to an entry level session, especially within a Physical Education course. Also because the beginners will not yet have the endurance of an experienced archer.

Scores are assessed on an 80 cm target face, because this size:


The achievement of a good score is only a consequence of well implemented skills, as described in the GNAS Beginner's Manual. Some beginners can achieve decent scores due to their body constitution (long draw for instance), while better skilled novices may achieve lower score because their arrows receive a lower kinetic energy. Hence we should avoid awarding the beginners purely on scores alone.

For each development level, some skills are expected to be acquired.  Their assessment is based on some key elements described in the GNAS Beginner's Manual. If you need help in evaluating these skills, do not hesitate to refer to GNAS reference material.


Learning archery is not restricted in learning the steps of the shooting sequence.  The novices have also to:

FITA Evaluation Forms

Please click on the following links to download the FITA evaluation forms (Adobe PDF documents):

Feather Awards

Red Feather, Gold Feather

Arrow Awards

White Arrow (no previous feather awards), White Arrow (previous feather awards), Black Arrow, Blue Arrow, Red Arrow Gold Arrow