Other Archery

Clout Archery

Clout is the art of shooting arrows great distances by finding the right combination of draw and elevation. It was, in fact, this type of archery that helped us win at Agincourt in October 1415. There, arrows were sent into the air to rain down of the advancing French rather than shooting at them at close quarters. Today, we aim at traditional heraldic shields to add colour and pageantry to this event.

Archery Golf and Roving Archery

Get onto a golf course, substitute the clubs for a bow and the ball for an arrow and you have Archery Golf, a great way to combine archery with a pleasant walk in the countryside. In the absence of a friendly golf course to hire, we can offer Roving Archery which is similar to Petanque. Again, set in open country a chosen Archer will send out the first 'Jack' arrow for the others to get as close to as possible and so-on.

Book a day of archery, falconry and clay shooting to experience a very 'British' field sport day.